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An apology from Steve at Overkill Solar

You may have noticed that out customer support has been worthless lately.
I deeply regret this, and I am working to improve the situation.

What happened?

When Will Prowse featured our products in a video, the daily number of orders quadrupled instantly.
The result is, we sold out of everything, including all of the new inventory that had already been ordered.
The factory lead time on BMSs is at least 30 days, sometimes longer due to global supply issues.
Yes, China keeps running out of computer chips and circuit boards. Who would have guessed?

At this particular moment, I am working about 24 hours a day to assemble, test, and ship BMS orders, along with all the help I can get.
Yes, I have dreams where I’m packaging BMSs. (and nightmares about answering angry emails, btw.)
This means I had to choose between getting orders out, or keeping up with emails.
Once I sat here for 8 hours just responding to “Where is my order?” emails, the choice was clear.

Why don’t you just hire more people?

This is way easier said than done. The biggest issue is that it takes a BMS expert to answer the technical support questions.
To my knowledge there are 4 people who fit this description, and they all said “hell no” after getting a taste of my inbox.

Getting more people on board to fill the orders will help, and that is happening asap.

Hopefully we will soon run out of inventory again, then I can catch up on support.
Meanwhile, the best resources will be the BMS User Manual ,, and

Again, I know this is disappointing and frustrating. It will get better some day.




Overkill Solar

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23 thoughts on “An apology from Steve at Overkill Solar

  1. We can blame this all on Will. Dang Will, for telling us about the great OverKill BMS.

  2. You’re good. Totally understandable. I hope you can get some rest soon.

  3. An honest answer.

    Take a breath and do good work.

    This is a good problem to have.

  4. You and your company are awesome!

  5. Steve, all is good here. Equipment arrived and installed and working great. Hope you get some relief soon. Keep up the good work.

  6. You’re doing great!! .. in my book, your product arrived faster than my batteries – so we’re good to go! Thank you for a great product! I hope to see you keep growing!

  7. Hang in there Steve.
    You are providing a great service to us out there DIY types.
    You will be caught up before you know it.

  8. Keep your head up. You’re doing good work to supply good products. I will wait until things catch back up to place my order!

  9. I am so grateful you are a jewel. it is hard to work with the public… DIY should include a note about patience…it is great what you do and I did like your you tube training videos you added to the overkill site. I am working slowly so the delay was fine with me ar age 75 I have learned to do one thing at a time and understand all aspects before jumping in.. hehe Michael Foltz thanks craze time april 2021

  10. Ya Ya where’s my BMS? Only kidding, I do want one though. Have a question, do they come with wire harness for cells & temp sensors?

    1. Yes, both.

  11. Well, I watch Will’s channel regularly and went to order on the day you put up the notice. I’ve got my cells for my new 24V battery and chomping at the bit so hopefully things will get back to normal soon. Make hay while the sun shines they say.

  12. Thanks for the explanation. Much more efficient to post here. I’ll keep waiting for my order. Take care.

  13. I have to say, I ordered a 4s and a 8s BMS on March 3, 2021. I received them Mar 11, 2021.Will posted his video on *IIRC March 12, 2021. I totally had a electronics geek nerdvana moment. My wife still doesn’t get my excitement. I have been sleeping in the garage, with my batteries, since *I josh about sleeping accommodations. Both BMS’s are outstanding, I’ll be ordering more when you catch up. Thanks again! De KD2HJP

  14. I hope you’re catching up, and it’s a problem many businesses would like to have. I plan to order another one for our second set of batteries we’ve just ordered. Since it takes about two months for them to get here, I’m not in a hurry. COMMENT: Your BMS is installed and seems to be working well on our 48 volt system. Just hooked up the USB for monitoring this morning, and it also works well. QUESTION: There is a difference in the voltage readings of the app and the volt meter I’m using. In the manual you say not to mess with calibration unless it’s “way off”. What would be a value for “way off”? Thanks for a good product for us DIYers!

    1. Way off would be more than 10 millivolts. Make sure the multimeter can be trusted.

  15. Is there a waiting list I can get on? I’d like to be notified when more become available. Keep up the great work! Thanks!

  16. No worries! I also ordered 4 of those Lishen cells the same day and those have not showed up either. But it’s only been 45 days. Hoping everything arrives before ARRL Field Day 2021.

    Keep up the great work.


  17. No worries. I would rather wait a bit longer and get a good product than have something rushed and have to return it.

  18. This open letter from Steve is a true sign of a great company. Of course a small company can be overwhelmed. And global supply problems affect automakers just as much as the small guys. You’re doing fine. You’re communicating. There will always be some tough personalities out there. Those aren’t your key customer base. I’m happy to wait and order later. You’re on my list.

  19. Mr Steve is awesome. we are all dealing with supply chain issues now, and lack of qualified labor is just as big of deal..i am sure most understand these issues and we can work together.. .. Steve,, I sent you an email.. please read at earliest opportunity..

  20. I was looking at getting the 8S bms. With extras it comes to $160. I am wondering four things though.
    Do you ship to Canada?
    How much extra is it to ship to Canada?
    What would be the duty on the BMS?
    And what would it cost in Canadian dollars for the BMS and shipping and duties etc?

    Thank you Steve for all of your hard work. I followed you on reddit for a while and now know how truly dedicated you are to this work. Great stuff and very rare now a days. 🙂

  21. I would like to order a 16S 48 volt BT BMS but am curious as to the wait time imposed from these artificial Elite Covid shortages. also it would be nice to have a one stop shop for all supplies but in reality of present times this might not be achievable. even between your site and Battery hookup many items needed are still not offered or just mia.
    all in all thank you for your honest updates and continual presence on the web and all related links on DIY battery assy.
    thank you for your dedication,

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