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Support and lead time update

Updated as of August 7th 2021: 

  • New orders for in stock items will ship within 2 days.
  • We have been waiting 2+ months for the factory to produce new 4s BMSs.
  • We are now working on redesigning the 4s BMS to use available components.
  • New inventory is now expected by the end of August.

We are answering emails to in the following order:

1. Incorrect orders / Warranty claims

2. Customers who have received their items and are having technical issues (if this is you, include a screenshot of each page of your app, and clear photos of your setup so we can see all of the connections. 9 out of 10 problems are an incorrect setting or an incorrect connection).

3. Status of paid orders / Cancellations

4. Technical questions from pre-purchase customers

5. Lead time questions from pre-purchase customers (These may go unanswered. Our inventory management system is not sophisticated enough to give a better estimate than is stated above)

Please remove from your contacts, this address is being phased out.

Lastly, we put a lot of time into writing our BMS User Manual, and update it regularly to be more accurate and comprehensive. I am always happy to help, but for the good of everyone, please check the manual first, so I can focus on helping with the hard stuff.

Download the BMS User Manual- Click Here

Overkill Solar

Return Address:

Overkill Solar LLC
3673 Exchange Ave Suite 3
Naples, FL 34104

3 thoughts on “Support and lead time update

  1. Is your 4s 120a bms go9d for a 12v 280ah battery. And thanks in advance

    1. Yes it is commonly used with these cells.

  2. When will the 16s be in stock?

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