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No more sales tax!

Good news, all orders on can now be tax free!

How is this possible you ask? Because we are no longer shipping items from California, we are not obligated to collect tax for any states other than Florida. *

But what about Florida sales taxes? The Great State of Florida™ offers a sales tax exemption for any purchase of equipment to be used in a solar power system. Read tax information publication TIP_19A01-09 from the Florida DOR for more details: Florida Solar Tax Exemption (TIP_19A01-09)

We now have this tax exemption applied by default on the checkout page for all orders that are shipping to Florida. If your order is NOT to be used in a solar power system, you must uncheck the checkbox so that the proper sales tax can be applied to your order. Otherwise we will record your certification and acceptance of the tax exemption.

Florida customers will see this notice on the checkout page.

*Note: As always, all individual taxpayers are expected to file and pay “use tax” on items that they purchased online if the merchant doesn’t collect taxes for their home state. You do pay your use tax on out of state purchases, right? RIGHT?

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