*Coming Soon!* Used Tesla Battery with BMS Installed – Tested, Certified, Ready to Use


This is a used Tesla Model S/X 6-cell battery module with an Overkill Solar BMS installed and ready to use.

  • 24v Nominal system voltage
  • These Tesla modules are priced per watt-hour based on actual load test data.
  • Each used battery module has been load tested and comes with a certification of it’s actual capacity.
  • BMS installed
  • These 24v batteries can be connected in series for 48v systems.

Each battery has been capacity tested and includes a capacity test report.

As these batteries are made from used/salvaged vehicle battery modules, there is no warranty on the cells. They are fully tested for capacity and load handling.

Most other sources for used Tesla modules advertise the original capacity of a new battery, and this is misleading at best. Overkill Solar fully tests each module before putting it up for sale and we will only advertise the actual present day capacity of used batteries.

The BMS is covered by our usual lifetime warranty.


We are currently waiting on the certification process for UPS Haz-Mat shipping for these batteries. Overkill Solar is currently certified by UPS to ship lithium batteries in Haz-Mat quantities, but we have to develop and certify a package that can be used to safely ship this specific battery.

The batteries are currently in our warehouse. When we finish the documentation for all the in stock battery modules, they will become available for local pickup in Naples, FL.

Out of stock


These battery modules are each composed of 444 cylindrical 18650 size cells. (74 parallel cells x 6 cell banks in series)

The cells can not be separated or combined into other cell counts.

Complete batteries can be connected in series for 48 volt systems.

Higher voltage systems (96v+) are not recommended with this BMS.

Safety Data Sheet:
Lithium-ion Battery Emergency Response Guide


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