Sorry, but we DO NOT have a phone number for support.

For troubleshooting help via email, please include a screenshot and clear photos of your battery.

We are answering emails to in the following order:

  1. Incorrect orders / Warranty claims
  2. Customers who have received their items and are having technical difficulties
  3. Status of placed orders / Cancellation requests
  4. Technical questions from pre-purchase customers
  5. Lead time questions from pre-purchase customers (These may go unanswered. Our inventory management system is not sophisticated enough to give a better estimate.)

Please remove the old gmail address from your contacts, this address is being phased out.

Lastly, we put a lot of time into writing our BMS User Manual, and update it regularly to be more accurate and comprehensive. We are always happy to help, but for the good of everyone, please check the manual first, so we can focus on helping with the hard stuff.

User Manual: Download Manual (6.5mb PDF)