User Manual

User Manual: Download Manual (6.5mb PDF)

Simplified 4 Cell Assembly

Ultra simple view of a complete 4 cell battery assembly.
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Bluetooth Mobile Apps

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Android App: Overkill Solar Mobile App (Google Play Store)

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Desktop App with password reset tool:

Overkill-Solar-bms-tools for Windows

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(JBD Chinese version) Desktop App:

JBDTools V2.9-20210524

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Hacker Tools

Communication Protocol Documentation

Arduino library: Version 2 (read/write)

Other Instruction Sheets

BMS configuration for other cell counts PDF

Detailed Instructions, 8 cell 24v battery with BMS. PDF

4 cell 12v Wiring Diagram & settings PDF

8 cell 24v Wiring Diagram & settings PDF

16 cell 48v Wiring diagram & settings PDF

Safety Data Sheets

Tesla Lithium-ion Battery Emergency Response Guide

Overkill Solar Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery SDS



DIY Solar Power with Will Prowse (youtube channel)

About Cell Balancing

Overkill Solar YouTube Channel:

Salvaged Tesla Batteries for Off-Grid Power?

How much battery power to make a pot of coffee?

Read BMS parameters on an iPhone

Do bigger wires make a difference?

A tool to solder 8ga BMS wires

Tech Support, etc:

For troubleshooting help , please include a screenshot and clear photos of your battery. 9 out of 10 problems are an incorrect setting or an incorrect connection.