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How to identify Tesla Rev. A-B-C modules with photos
Battery modules from Model S and Model X cars come in several revisions, known as Rev A, Rev B, and …
BMS Configuration for alternative cell counts (i.e. Tesla Modules)
This PDF describes how to modify an Overkill Solar BMS for alternative cell counts. Overkill Solar normally stocks 3 basic …
Portable Tesla Power Box Example
This is a Portable battery pack that we put together for demonstrations. We found this unused Bosch tool case that …
24v Inverter Testing with a Used Tesla Battery module
Because 6 cell Lithium-Ion batteries have an end-of-cycle voltage of 18v, inverters designed for 24v systems may cut off early, …
Our Global Footprint
Overkill Solar LLC now has customers in at least 55 countries plus every US state, and every Canadian province except …
What does LiFePO4 mean?
LiFePO4 is the chemical formula for the cathode material in a Lithium-Iron-Phosphate battery. LiFePO4 chemical structure Lithium iron phosphate exists …
New OFFICIAL Bluetooth apps (open Beta)
We are happy to announce that our new official Overkill Solar Mobile apps are now live on the Google Play …
Cells Labeled Backwards: This kills the BMS
Please check your cell polarity with a volt meter before connecting the BMS! This type of cell has been shipped …
(Oct. 13 update, back to normal-ish) Delays due to Hurricane Ian
As you may have seen on the news, most of southwest Florida got trashed recently. The Overkill Solar main office …
About Cell Balancing
Yes, the BMS has a built-in balancing function. HOWEVER no, it is not capable of doing an initial balance on new …

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15 thoughts on “Knowledge & News

  1. Hallo, I need an 16s 100A bms for lifepo4. When do you expect to have them in stock again?
    Greetz, Victor Schyns

    1. I also am in dire need of a 16S Lifepo4 BMS for my Sab 60280’s and would also like to know when supplies are in.

    2. Yes, I also need a 16s 100A bms for my LiFePo4 pack. I am interested in knowing when they are in stock. Thank you.

  2. Hi steve,
    I am putting together a small 12 v 280 ah system and am looking at several bms products. Your product is highly recommended but you are out of stock. While looking at various systems I noticed that JBD has a 150 A 4s 12v BMS. Are you going to be carrying that product and , if not why not?

    1. No time to worry about it.

      1. Would you guys stock a higher amp 48v/16s bms? Let say like 150a to 200a

    2. I am assembling the same, wondering what you ended up with as a BMS?

  3. That happens a lot when Will Prowse recommends stuff. Lol! A nice problem to have.

  4. Purchased recently , my question is if I have a bad cell and bypassed now only 13 cell ev batt pk , if I buy a 16 S can 3 be not connected , or what can I do to trick it ? Thank you

  5. I just purchased my batteries from China. It’ll be awhile… probably at least 30 days. This is for my power wheelchair battery pack build. What do you expect the turn around to be for my 8S 24v 100A BMS to be?

  6. I am looking for an 18S programmable BMS for 18650 (older Tesla battery packs). Something you carry?

  7. I am in need of 16s 48 volt smart bms 200a. Will you carry them?

  8. Building A 16s 90a 48 volt lifepo pack for a golf cart. Do you have a jbd 16s 150 or 200a bms? Can you order it ?
    Thanks Rudy

  9. Are you guy going to make a 12v bms 250amp

  10. I have a google pixel 6A that has the same problem other are talking about. Are you working on an update?

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