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BMS Configuration for alternative cell counts

This PDF describes how to modify an Overkill Solar BMS for alternative cell counts.

Overkill Solar normally stocks 3 basic BMS models, which are configured for the most common Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery setups: 4 cell 12v nominal, 8 cell 24v nominal, and 16 cell 48v nominal.

When using a different cell chemistry such as classic lithium ion, the number of cells needs to be adjusted to reach a usable system voltage. Common setups are 6 or 7 cells for a 24v system, and 12 or 13 cells for a 48v system.

Download the PDF instructions to read on: BMS_configuration_for_other_cell_counts-4S_and_8S-Overkill_Solar_LLC.pdf

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  1. Hi , do you have the wiring shematic for 2 tesla modules 24v in series with your BMS for 48v?
    Is it 2 6S BMS or you could do one 12S BMS?

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