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Password Reset , communication failure.

Starting with firmware version 0x17 sometime in 2021, JBD added a password function to the BMS firmware, without telling anybody. The BMS doesn’t have a physical reset button, so there really isn’t a practical way to implement password protection. (without risking a permanent lockout) This has caused some of our customers to be locked out […]

Support and lead time update

Updated as of August 7th 2021:  New orders for in stock items will ship within 2 days. We have been waiting 2+ months for the factory to produce new 4s BMSs. We are now working on redesigning the 4s BMS to use available components. New inventory is now expected by the end of August. We […]

An apology from Steve at Overkill Solar

You may have noticed that out customer support has been worthless lately.I deeply regret this, and I am working to improve the situation. What happened? When Will Prowse featured our products in a video, the daily number of orders quadrupled instantly.The result is, we sold out of everything, including all of the new inventory that […]

How to charge LiFePo4

LiFePO4 does not need a multistage charging profile. The manufacturer of our 100 ah cells, and the MFG of the common 280ah cells specifies charging at a rate of 0.5c up to a maximum voltage limit of 3.650 per cell. Based on the LiFePo4 charge curve the cells will reach nearly 100% charge at 3.500v […]

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11 thoughts on “Updates & News

  1. Hallo, I need an 16s 100A bms for lifepo4. When do you expect to have them in stock again?
    Greetz, Victor Schyns

    1. I also am in dire need of a 16S Lifepo4 BMS for my Sab 60280’s and would also like to know when supplies are in.

    2. Yes, I also need a 16s 100A bms for my LiFePo4 pack. I am interested in knowing when they are in stock. Thank you.

  2. Hi steve,
    I am putting together a small 12 v 280 ah system and am looking at several bms products. Your product is highly recommended but you are out of stock. While looking at various systems I noticed that JBD has a 150 A 4s 12v BMS. Are you going to be carrying that product and , if not why not?

    1. No time to worry about it.

      1. Would you guys stock a higher amp 48v/16s bms? Let say like 150a to 200a

    2. I am assembling the same, wondering what you ended up with as a BMS?

  3. That happens a lot when Will Prowse recommends stuff. Lol! A nice problem to have.

  4. Purchased recently , my question is if I have a bad cell and bypassed now only 13 cell ev batt pk , if I buy a 16 S can 3 be not connected , or what can I do to trick it ? Thank you

  5. I just purchased my batteries from China. It’ll be awhile… probably at least 30 days. This is for my power wheelchair battery pack build. What do you expect the turn around to be for my 8S 24v 100A BMS to be?

  6. I am looking for an 18S programmable BMS for 18650 (older Tesla battery packs). Something you carry?

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