Open source projects

These projects and applications are open source and developed by various members of the DIY solar community.

  • Please email if you know of another project that should be listed here.
  • Unless otherwise noted, these projects are NOT directly supported by Overkill Solar and are not guaranteed to work with our products.
  • All links on this page point to the live or most recent version.

BMS Tools by Eric Poulsen

This is a ground-up replacement for the Chinese JBD-tools desktop application.

.exe for Windows 10 (beta testing)

Installer for OSX (not released yet)

Raspberry Pi (not released yet)

This project also includes the complete protocol documentation

Arduino Library by Overkill Solar

This Arduino library was developed by and for Overkill Solar. Tested on each model that we sell.

Includes a tutorial and a display based on a 4×20 LCD screen.

V0.0.8 (read-only, with the exception of the MOSFET on/off commands.)

ArduinoXiaoxiangSmartBMSDisplay by vagueDirector

Arduino based display project, with a 3d printed panel mount for the OLED screen.

Xiaoxiang Smart BMS Display For Arduino Pro mini or Arduino Nano with a 2.42″ SSD1309 SPI OLED

3D printed BMS mount for 4s 60ah Fortune cells

Quick way to attach a 4s Overkill BMS to the threaded rods on a 4s 60ah Fortune Cell pack