16s BMS 100a for LifePo4 with 24″ 8ga Wires

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  • Comes with 24 inch long 8ga wires soldered to the board as shown.
  • BMS For 16 cell, 48v volt Lithium-iron-phosphate DIY batteries
  • 100 amp continuous charge or discharge current
  • Low Temperature Charging cutoff at 0c
  • Fully programmable with IOS app, Android app, or Desktop app
  • User Manual: Click to Download the PDF user manual


End-of-Life Notice

The 16 cell 100a JBD BMS is no longer being produced. When our current stock is sold, no more will be made.

As of 6-21-2024, We are out of stock but the last batch of them is on the way, so you can still order them for now. Expect backorders to start shipping July 1.

We will be replacing this model with a brand new BMS that has been designed in America (and programmed in Canada) by Overkill Solar.
The new BMS is called The Pathfinder BMS, and we are working around the clock to get it ready for sale. Check back for more info later.

When it is closer to being ready, it will be available for pre-order. Sometime in July 2024, if all goes well.

In stock in Florida, Ships within 2 Days

The high current wires will be hydraulically crimped into a single tinned copper lug on each side.

None $0.00 1/4 5/16 3/8

Free Shipping

All domestic BMS orders ship for free via Priority Mail.

International shipping cost will be calculated at checkout.


1 Bluetooth module is included with each BMS.

You may want to add a USB communication module

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Van dwellers rejoice! This is best BMS on the market for DIY off-grid power projects.
Suitable for DIY LiFePO4 solar storage batteries in RVs, Vans, Marine and stationary applications.
Unbeatable warranty and support is included with every BMS from Overkill Solar.

User Manual: Click here to download the manual (PDF)

BMS For 16 cell, 48v volt Lithium-iron-phosphate DIY batteries.
100 amp continuous charge or discharge current.
Low Temperature Charging cutoff at 0c.
The Apps allow you to monitor SOC (state of charge), Current, Voltage, cell balance, temperature, and more.

Bluetooth Module is included, Balance wires are included, USB module is an additional purchase.
Fully programmable.

If you choose to add crimped copper lugs, the high current wires will be hydraulically crimped into a single tinned copper lug on each side, and finished with heat shrink tubing.

Final assembly, testing and calibration is done in Naples, Florida. Units with 8 gauge wires and/or crimped lugs are assembled in Naples,  FL. The BMS is manufactured in China.

To view or change Parameters, there are 3 ways to connect to the BMS. All 3 applications are free.


Click here for Software Downloads and Support Resources.

A great resource for general DIY power education is www.Mobile-Solarpower.com

FYI for experimenters: The BMS communicates with a 5v TTL UART at 9600 baud. It is directly compatible with Arduinos, etc.
We have written a new Arduino library for the BMSs, now available on the downloads page. The beta version allows you to read all the monitoring parameters and switch charge and discharge on/off. Future releases will have full read/write capability. A python library is also in the works.

Additional information

Weight 2.1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1 in
Wire Length

8ga 12" (standard), 8ga 24" (+$8), No Wires (-$14)

SKU 16s100a8ga24
Product ID 5008245

6 reviews for 16s BMS 100a for LifePo4 with 24″ 8ga Wires

  1. john

    I am quite new to DIY batteries, but having tried an aliexpress daly bms, this overkill 48v bms is packaged much more professionally. Main metric I use to prove the quality of this unit is the lack of voltage drop across BMS when checking total battery voltage. The daly bms read 9.6v for a 4 cell 12v DIY battery which is >13v when bypassing the daly bms. Overkill showed no loss at all. Bluetooth works great. Haven’t tried usb PC connection yet.

  2. Larry

    Just got my 16S! It fired up and worked great. Great Bluetooth communication. Some of the best quality I’ve seen from china. USA based Overkill provides the added detail that you will likely not get from overseas. The one page colorful instruction sheet gives you extended comfort that if you do something wrong, you’re not stuck with it. You just call customer support.

  3. Carl C (verified owner)

    Very pleased with this BMS!!! I have (5) of them, and they all work perfectly. My inverter developed a “DEAD SHORT” in the + – battery in/out and the BMS’s shut down the charge port and saved my battery packs from any damage. I will not use any other BMS.


  4. Stephan Taubert (verified owner)

    BMS worked with blutooth perfectly from first startup.
    But best part for me is, that you can connect it with Louis Van Der Walt´s driver to Victron Cerbo GX which avoids to buy an extra smart shunt.
    Top product 🙂
    Greetings from Austria….

  5. Dirk L Andersen (verified owner)

    I was able to convert my BigBattery CNDR Elite 231AH BMS easily with the 16s BMS from Overkill Solar. The original BMS from Battery EVO came with a one page description sheet that had minimal info on it. It was non functional in some of it’s functions on initial commissioning reporting 60AH when fully charged and only reporting to the tenth of an amp both going out to an LCD screen with a non functional Bluetooth output. BigBattery support said they would send me out a way to fix. Never came. It was very easy to pull out the old one and bolt down the OK (OverKill) heheh BMS. A little splicing of the cell wires into the original cell wires and all was good. Great information in the very complete manual and great bluetooth apps.. Tried both the iPhone app (liked this one the best even though there was a small fee) and the Android app. Then I installed the USB module and used the original app on my laptop. Very functional. I did not try the other PC app that is available. I wanted to be able to use Solar Assistant and there was no way to do so with the original BMS but the OK BMS hooked right up and now I have complete communication online anywhere. I brought the UART wiring out to a Ethernet jack so I could hook up the bluetooth for a short time anytime I had the need. If you want a BMS that is awesome with great support this BMS rocks. It would have been easier with 2 UARTs but I’m not going to complain. I will complain about the BigBattery support people however. When I told support I was going to put in a different BMS the support person said “you will void the warranty” My reply was that after a year of a barely functioning BMS the warranty hadn’t done me any good to date…. LOL

  6. Richard Harris

    Overkill BMS is the best!
    Bought (16) New Grade A 3.2v 280ah EVE Cells, working with another BMS & just couldn’t keep the cells balanced.
    Took them apart to top balance 3 times, just wouldn’t work right.
    Tired of messing with it I contacted Overkill & told them my plans.
    E-mailed back & said their BMS would absolutely would work with my system.
    My son ordered the 16s-48v model, got it in 2 days, I wired it up & put it to work.
    Charged battery bank to 100% with solar panels & for the 1st time all cells stayed within specs.
    Discharged to 20% SOC & again for the 1st time all cells stayed within specs.
    GREAT BMS!!!! We will be buying a few more as we upgrade our system.
    Thanks to the Overkill team!

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