Arduino Uno Spider Shield V1


This is a breakout shield for the Arduino Uno.

  • Breakout shield for the Arduino Uno, designed by Overkill Solar.
  • Every I/O pin is broken out to a footprint that fits a variety of screw connections and pin headers
  • Each connector footprint has 5v and GND
  • This price is for the bare board only, it doesn’t include any other components.

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This is a breakout shield for the Arduino Uno.

It was designed in house by Overkill Solar for an internal project. We are offering the extra boards for sale.

This project is open-source under the usual MIT or GPL3 license. You may use it for any purpose.
Source files:

Every I/O pin is broken out into a .200″ and .100″ footprint which works with any shape of pluggable (or normal) screw connectors, or pin headers.

The intention was to allow a bunch of limit switches and sensors to plug in while keeping a low profile. Straight connections can also be used instead of right angle connectors. The shield can be used as shown or mounted upside down with the Arduino on top. Other Uno shaped shields (like the relay shield) can also stack with it, there is no interference with the connectors.

There are a bunch of extra points to connect 5v and ground in the middle as well as another full set of I/O pins. There is a jumper that connects all the 5v pins to the Arduino, or you can remove the jumper and back feed the shield from another 5v supply.

We have used these connectors with the board:

Additional information

Weight .125 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 5 × .05 in

Overkill Solar

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