BMS 100a 8s LifePo4 Battery Management System for 24v DIY Batteries, Programmable, Bluetooth Included.

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  • Includes a Bluetooth communication module.
  • BMS For 8 cell, 24v volt Lithium-iron-phosphate DIY batteries
  • 100 amp continuous charge or discharge current
  • Low Temperature Charging cutoff at -1c
  • Remote shutoff switch
  • Fully programmable with IOS app, Android app, or Desktop app

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We now have a comprehensive user’s manual for the BMSs! Click here to download the manual (PDF)

BMS For 8 cell, 24v volt Lithium-iron-phosphate DIY batteries.
100 amp continuous charge or discharge current.
Low Temperature Charging cutoff at -1c.
The Apps allow you to monitor SOC (state of charge), Current, Voltage, cell balance, temperature, and more.

This unit has a connection for a remote shutoff switch. Useful for storage or security.

Bluetooth Module is included, Balance wires are included, USB module is an additional purchase.
Fully programmable.

Example of a complete 8 cell battery with BMS:

Example 8s Battery

Click here for detailed assembly instructions for this battery. PDF

To view or change Parameters, there are 3 ways to connect to the BMS.
1. Bluetooth module to IOS app. The app is on the Apple app store, it is free to view operational data, but costs $6 to view and change parameters.
2. Bluetooth module to Android app.
3. USB module to PC/desktop application. This application is free

IOS app is on the Apple app store. Search for “xiaoxiangBMS

Click here for Software Downloads and Support Resources.

See the support forum at for more help and discussions.

A great resource for general DIY power education is

FYI for experimenters: The BMS communicates with a 5v TTL UART at 9600 baud. It is directly compatible with Arduinos, etc.
The protocol is similar to MODBUS. requests and responses are in HEX. Protocol datasheet is available on the github page.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in

3 reviews for BMS 100a 8s LifePo4 Battery Management System for 24v DIY Batteries, Programmable, Bluetooth Included.

  1. Edward (verified owner)

    Admittedly all I have done is install two of these on a new 2x8cell 24V LiFePO4 battery made with the cells available on this site, and run a few cycles …. but I am very impressed. I wanted to transition from LA AGM batteries to Li, but was hesitant due to the price. However, ‘building’ them yourself (thank you YouTube…) for less money with this BMS was an attraction I could not resist.

    Very pleased to say that the build was exactly as easy as suggested – the instructions are simple because the process is simple.

    And it just works. As soon as I wired it up the BMS was visible on the iOS app, which is actually quite well done. Seamless monitoring, with everything I need/want to know.

    Components were well packaged. Free swag was appreciated …. I do not remember ordering the lugs for the small wires, but they were thoughtfully included.

    Minor issue- for a 2×8 arrangement the 8-gauge upgraded wires were a little short for complete elegance of wiring, but this is definitely a minor quibble. Should have gone with the longer ones.

    Very impressed overall. I now have a significantly upgraded battery , and putting it together was just FUN.

    Now let’s see what it is like after a few cycles 🙂

  2. Tomas (verified owner)

    clearly, robust, perfect function, fast delivery,well packaged, thank you

  3. nwillitts (verified owner)

    i have 20 batteries,3 8s BMS and 1 4s flawlessly!packaged well.will buy more.

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