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New OFFICIAL Bluetooth apps (open Beta)

We are happy to announce that our new official Overkill Solar Mobile apps are now live on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store!

The apps are completely FREE, do not require an account or login, and don’t require an internet connection.

Install the new app today:

iOS App: Overkill Solar Mobile App

Android App: Overkill Solar Mobile App

Release Notes

30 Nov 2022: The latest update adds “background location” permissions. This was necessary for some (not all) Android devices to discover the Bluetooth modules.

17 Nov 2022: The first release has all the basic functions that allow you to view your BMS status, change parameters, and calibrate.

The Android app requires a bunch of permissions to work correctly. Please allow precise location, media/files, and Bluetooth discovery. All this is necessary for Bluetooth to work on all Android versions. We DO NOT collect any personal information with the app, and it does not track your location in any way.

It also automatically unlocks password protected BMS firmware, and will resolve any issues with lost or incorrect BMS passwords.

Note: the password/PIN function has been completely bypassed by this release. If you are concerned about unauthorized access to your BMS via Bluetooth, you should unplug the Bluetooth module when it’s not in use.

Bug Reports

UPDATE: We think we have fixed the bug that stops some Android devices from finding the Bluetooth modules. Anyone with this issue should update and try again. Your app should say “V1.1.1 -V10” at the top of the HOME tab. If not, uninstall and reload from the play store.

The new app is still in the beta test stage. We have found that some Android devices are unable to find the Bluetooth modules using our new app. The issue is with specific permissions that need to be requested by the app.

If you have a bug to report, please email and describe the bug plus which device and Android/iOS version you are using. Thanks!

Need the old app? Check the Support/Downloads Page.

18 thoughts on “New OFFICIAL Bluetooth apps (open Beta)

  1. This is outstanding news. Looking forward to working with the new app. Your people are extremely easy to work with

  2. Awesome we finally have something from Overkill Solar. I downloaded the Android app and it installed. Tried to scan for device from 10-feet away but it does not detect any of the the 4 Overkill Solar BMS. However, the Xiaoxiang, BeLYEnergy and BAT-BMS app detects all 4. Is there a user manual or TS guide?

    1. Try toggling the bluetooth scan on and off. Some Android devices behave differently. Make sure the app has bluetooth and location permision.

    2. Works on older devices but not on those running the most recent version of Android. Looking forward to an updated version.

      1. Android 13 has some changed that interfere with the app (all 10,000 different android versions are slightly different)

        We are working on it.

  3. I just installed the new app. It does not function. The Bluetooth scanning does not activate the Bluetooth dongle -but the Xiaoxiang software does (however it requires a password) Is this Beta software??

    1. please email and describe the bug plus the device and Android version you are using. Thanks!

  4. I just installed the new mobile app to monitor the BMS. I am using an AT&T moto mobile phone on Verizon. The app cannot find any BMS when it scan. I have two of them and that are completely functional. The overkill solar app doesn’t even cause the Bluetooth light on the dongle to activate but using Xiaoxiang BMS software the Bluetooth lights will activate. Do I need to unlink or something like that???

    1. please email and describe the bug plus the device and Android version you are using. Thanks!

      1. Android version 12. Phone: Moto g pure. Bluetooth scan does not see either of my two(2) Active and working batteries. The Xiaoxiang software sees both of them.

  5. Bypassing pins? That’s really poor form. I could now walk up and down the towpath screwing up peoples batteries.

    1. It was never secure in any way- the firmware always accepts the reset command without authentication.

      Basically you can’t implement password protection without a physical reset button.

  6. App now connects great since latest update, only minor niggle I have now is when you swap the temperature over to Celsius it always reverts back to fahrenheit even if you write to BMS before closing the app

  7. I wish the app had a “read-only” mode. Without it, at least in my setup where the shunt is not between the battery and the BMS, one wrong tap would shut off discharge and reset my meter.

    1. Make sure you have the most recent update. We added a confirmation dialog before it will switch off discharge.

      1. Confirmed using the charge toggle – thanks.
        Having said that, it’s still not quite childproof in my mind…

  8. Your support team is amazing! I wish more companies were as easy to work with and had half of your expertise. Thanks for being excellent!

  9. I’m seeing an issue with the Android app where I switch off discharge, it shows FET locked like it should, then the toggle switch goes back to on. So now I can’t enable discharge again. Every once in a while I’ll connect to the bms and it will show correctly, then I can enable discharge again. It’s super annoying.

    Love having an Overkill app for these BMS’s. It’s way better and more stable than the Chinese one.

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