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What does LiFePO4 mean?

LiFePO4 is the chemical formula for the cathode material in a Lithium-Iron-Phosphate battery.

Lithium Iron Phosphate chemical structure
LiFePO4 chemical structure

Lithium iron phosphate exists naturally in the form of the mineral triphylite.

LiFePO4 is sometimes abbreviated as LFP.

LiFePO4 chemistry offers a considerably longer cycle life than other lithium-ion chemistries. Under most conditions it supports more than 3,000 cycles, and under optimal conditions it supports more than 10,000 cycles. NMC (Lithium-Ion) batteries support about 1,000 to 2,300 cycles, depending on conditions.

LiFePO4 cells experience a slower rate of capacity loss (a.k.a. greater calendar-life) than lithium-ion battery chemistries.

The major differences between LiFePO4 batteries and other lithium ion battery types is that LiFePO4 batteries contain no cobalt (removing ethical and economic questions about cobalt’s availability) and have a flat discharge curve.

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