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New OFFICIAL Bluetooth apps (open Beta)

We are happy to announce that our new official Overkill Solar Mobile apps are now live on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store!

The apps are completely FREE, do not require an account or login, and don’t require an internet connection.

Install the new app today:

iOS App: Overkill Solar Mobile App

Android App: Overkill Solar Mobile App

Release Notes

30 Nov 2022: The latest update adds “background location” permissions. This was necessary for some (not all) Android devices to discover the Bluetooth modules.

17 Nov 2022: The first release has all the basic functions that allow you to view your BMS status, change parameters, and calibrate.

The Android app requires a bunch of permissions to work correctly. Please allow precise location, media/files, and Bluetooth discovery. All this is necessary for Bluetooth to work on all Android versions. We DO NOT collect any personal information with the app, and it does not track your location in any way.

It also automatically unlocks password protected BMS firmware, and will resolve any issues with lost or incorrect BMS passwords.

Note: the password/PIN function has been completely bypassed by this release. If you are concerned about unauthorized access to your BMS via Bluetooth, you should unplug the Bluetooth module when it’s not in use.

Bug Reports

UPDATE: We think we have fixed the bug that stops some Android devices from finding the Bluetooth modules. Anyone with this issue should update and try again. Your app should say “V1.1.1 -V10” at the top of the HOME tab. If not, uninstall and reload from the play store.

The new app is still in the beta test stage. We have found that some Android devices are unable to find the Bluetooth modules using our new app. The issue is with specific permissions that need to be requested by the app.

If you have a bug to report, please email and describe the bug plus which device and Android/iOS version you are using. Thanks!

Need the old app? Check the Support/Downloads Page.